DevOps for Web, Mobile, Database and Container apps

In the agile programming era, DevOps is gaining popularity at a good pace. One of the main reasons for DevOps success is that development and operations teams work very close. But there are more! DevOps is also thriving because development cycles are shorter, innovation is faster, failures and rollbacks are reduced, process can be automated and costs are reduced …

At Orange Developer Center, we want you to consider the importance of DevOps and get the most out of it to enhance your skills and help you with your career. So we are calling developers to attend the workshop “DevOps for Web, Mobile, Database and Container apps”, Thursday 1st August (9am to 2pm).

At the workshop, Houssem Dellai, Microsoft MVP, DevOps & Xamarin author, and .NET Consultant, will show you how to create CI/CD pipelines for Web, Mobile, Database and Container apps using Azure DevOps. He will cover all these points and answer your questions :

  1. Why we need DevOps
  2. What is CI/CD
  3. Azure Pipelines for web apps
  4. CI/CD for mobile apps with App Center
  5. CI/CD for SQL databases
  6. CI/CD for Docker container apps
  7. Infrastructure as Code with Terraform



Jeudi, 1 Août, 2019 -
09:00 - 14:00
Orange Developer Center, rue du lac Biwa