“Orange Digital Center” and GIZ with the collaboration of “Cambrian Futures”, designed an AI training program for African businesses and entrepreneurs

What is AI and how it shapes the future of business ?

To help navigate the era of Artificial intelligence (AI) and the autonomous systems that embed it as they’ve become the brains of the modern data economy, Orange Digital Center, a leading actor in digital inclusion and a network of opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa area, with their partner GIZ, a major player in education and economic development, and Cambrian Futures, a globally networked advisory think tank of seasoned thought leaders who combine decades of academic, policy and commercial experience with deep multi-disciplinary insights, offer a unique experience through an online training course on “AI for business” which benefits AI project holders, startups, professionals and AI enthusiasts. 

What is AI for Business ?

'AI for business' is a customised course that will be held in various African countries enabling trainees to develop a concrete AI use case which can be taken further in the form of a company or startup after the course. 

To benefit a large number of the ODC Network community in Africa, three training sessions will be organized, starting with the first run, that will take place in June 2021 for Tunisia. The following sessions will be provided in September 2021 and January 2022 to Senegal, Ivory Cost, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Cameroon. 

For the first run in Tunisia, participants have to commit 5 days, from the 7th to 11th June, 1pm – 6pm (Tunisia), to get the most out of this course and receive the final certification.

Why is it important to attend the “AI for Business” course ?

As “AI” and Data have started reshaping human values, trust, and power around the world. Whether in medicine, finance, government, we are ceding more decisions to thinking machines and we are facing new questions about staying safe, keeping a job and having a say over the direction of our lives.

To master this new complicated landscape, this course will help trainees to:

- Gain an advanced proficiency in critical reflection on global, cross-cultural differences of AI innovation and the resulting implications for people, businesses and societies.

- Design and AI Ops expertise for responsible solutions that facilitate AI’s benefits while mitigating its risks.

- Synthesis capability for AI business and governance designs for responsible solutions.

In addition, trainees will develop a human-centered AI use case in collaboration with fellow students in the course.
Furthermore, students will be able to build and expand a pan-African and global network of companies and developers through group work in the course.

What Topics and materials will be delivered in this course ?

 “Orange Digital Center”, GIZ and “Cambrian Futures”, gathered international experts from big leading actors in AI to empower trainees with valuable materials and enable them address AI environments eloquently: 


●      Session 1 (June 7, 1pm – 6pm): Introduction to AI in a global cognitive economy

○      Course and instructors Introduction

○      Cognitive economy and global AI Landscape

○      AI capabilities 

●      Session 2 (June 8, 1pm – 6pm): AI in business and strategic decision points

○      Data, network effects and platform strategy

○      AI ops and build vs. buy 

●      Session 3 (June 9, 1pm – 6pm): Designing human-centered AI use cases

○      Use case design

○      Governance for AI: Beyond compliance

○      Use case clinics

●      Session 4 (June 10, 1pm – 6pm): Ethical use of AI & societal transformation

○      Ethical issues

○      Societal system fragility

○      Future of work 

●      Session 5 (June 11, 1pm – 6pm): Showcasing

○      Final presentation

 The course will be delivered using a combination of:

●       Video-stimulated discussion

●       Content lecture

●       Exercise with breakout and readout

●       Mentimeter or other poll and discussion

●       Guest speaker talk with either Q&A or breakout challenge


What are the Selection criteria  ?


1.     Ideally completed Bachelor's degree in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, business administration, economics or a related field.

2.     Strong or unusual intellectual ability demonstrated by a pattern of excellent performance / grades over an extended period of time.

3.     Creative ability and leadership skills demonstrated by a resume showing extracurricular activities, community service, awards, examples of creative work, etc.

4.     Interest in pursuing an entrepreneurial career.

5.     Fluency in English.

 How does the registration go ?

Update : To benefit more people from this opportunity, the call for applications will be open until 28rd May, please fill in the form following the link below.

Places are limited, Register Now : https://bit.ly/3gWCMdb

Lundi, 7 Juin, 2021 - 13:00 - Vendredi, 11 Juin, 2021 - 18:00
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